A double bill from Dangerous Dave

Well, I’ve got myself in to a right mess with my email account.

It seems I’ve missed lots of mails in the torrent I get everyday.

Anyhow, just a quickie today while I sort the mess out:

“Hi Al ..Just loaded this video , it shows a few changes ..AGAIN ..and a new addition from e bay again ..and then added some street musicians fron the Noch collection music included with the set



And of course, Dave always posts over Easter too:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

That’s all today folks – I’ve got to sort my mail out otherwise I’ll be in more of a mess. Sorry for the short post today.

Beginner’s Guide is here .



PS And if you’re wondering why he’s called Dangerous Dave, you’ll find the answer here. (It’s about half way down the post).


Jim’s model railroad video update

Jim’s been in touch again (his last post is here).

This time he’s sent in a camera train video of his wonderful layout:

“Greetings, Al.

I’m really less than a novice at this but I just wanted to share and contribute to your site.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

And poor old Rick mailed me this:

“Due to exigent circumstances I had to get out of the radio control heli and drone hobby. I chose trains which I had never touched before in 60 years.

I did a ton of reading and studying and came to the conclusion that the Bachmann EZ Command DCC set would be the best entry level for me. All of my reading stated the #1 issue was track install.

Very carefully I did that and both of my locos ran like Swiss watches. I gave myself the set as a Christmas gift. This past Tuesday I was working on scenery while I had the locos running 45 foot laps. All was well in my small railway world.

I took Wednesday off and went back at it Thursday. Started again on scenery, put the first loco on the track, applied power, NOTHING. Neither loco would move.

I could hear the motors running but no go. I tried everything I could think of. Now its Saturday. Same scenario. My locos still won’t run. Cleaned the track. Tightened the underside screws. Nothing. NO GO.

WHAT IS WRONG? What am I doing wrong. Murphy’s Law. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


“Hi Alastair

I have followed your blog for many years and I have a question for you and your bloggers

I have a layout that I keep changing (growing) my issue is I see so many great layout plans. How many times do people change their layout it takes me years to build one?

I have attached my latest loco (n scale) and sea port for interest. Loco is a 8200 found on east pulling coal that pass my way sometimes 3 in a row.

Port is made from paint and varish for water, crush cork for rocks, Boat is 3d printed, building is a mix of card and plastic leftovers.


Sydney Aus”

That’s all this time folks – please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you’re tired of saying, “Some day I’ll day start my layout…”




More model railroad hints, tips and videos

“This is my try at model railroading. Since I retired this is a fun way to pass time.

I bought a hanging plant liner. I cut it into 3/8″ sections. to make hedges. I sprayed them green & what didn’t cover is fine it looks like dead brackets like a real hedge. I anchored it in place with tooth picks & cut off the excess. pictures are attached.

Keep-up the great job.


And next we hear from Hall of Fame member, Rob:

“Hi Al,

The area my old layout was in was an unfinished area of my basement.

The lighting was jury rigged and probably dangerous, it was alway uncomfortable there too cold in the winter and summer. Well bottom line, it had to go.

In order for the construction of the new room to occur, I had to tear down my layout Farland Howe. It was sad, but I was also looking forward to building an all new layout without all the problems a beginner can create on his first layout.

I wanted to eliminate for the start the poorly laid track, the added onto supporting train tables, the inability to reach certain areas so I was excited to build it new after, of course, once I got over the shock of tearing down 4 years work.

I started off using a computer program called Anyrail. There are several good computer track planning programs out there I chose anyrail due to a recommendation of a friend. It did have some drawbacks but it worked fine for what I was doing.

After exploring 3 completely different concepts for a track plan and studying all your online material and buying a couple books, I arrived at my swirl design as I call it. I experimented with many iterations of the basic plan while I was waiting for construction to be completed, but I think the plan I have started building will be a good one for shooting video and a fun one to run as well.

I chose a three main track layout. I considered four tracks, but in the end settled on three because I thought 4 mainline tracks would take up too much space and 3 would give me some flexibility.

Here is the final plan:

There are three basic heights to it. The town scene around the large main station will be set at the same elevation as platform height. The trains will then run slightly below that height. The smaller station will have a small village surrounding it and will be at a lower elevation. The main lines will have to decline down to that lower elevation and go under scenery to get there.

Any way, I have started building it and I am on part 4 so far. Here is a link to the latest installment of building Farland Two.


Latest ebay cheat sheet here

A huge thanks to Rob – I do love his videos – very watchable and very helpful too.

Rob, as a Hall of Fame member, also helped out with the Beginner’s Guide.

Course, I’m biased, but the Guide is a great first step if you’re getting tired of keeping your armchair warm and want to get going on your layout.

It’s all about making a start!

That’s all this time folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.