Atlas model railroad

There are lots of Atlas model railroads on the blog.

Here are some of them:

Richard’s 4×6 Atlas model railroad:

“My layout is a modification of Atlas’ N59 layout. I added an over and under to it and lengthened it. Overall size is 4′ x 6′.

It’s constructed on a plywood base topped with 1” pink insulation foam.

I never had room in my home for the size of layout I wanted, so when I retired, I sold a car and replaced it with the model train layout I have been waiting to build for over 50 years.


richards atlas model railroad

You can see all of Richard’s Atlas layout here

Ed’s Atlas model railroad

“I researched small track plans in an Atlas publication. I laid Atlas code 100 track following Atlas’ Twice Around in 4×6 plan.


atlas model railroad

You can read Ed’s narrative here.

Jim’s Atlas layout

“What I’ve learned so far with my Atlas model railroad is that HO track work can be very unforgiving. Rail joints must be nearly perfect. Even small gaps can cause running problems. It’s faster and cheaper to do it right the first time.


Atlas layout

You can see all of Jim’s layout pics here.

Ken’s layout step by step

“The main track concept is a main loop around the entire layout, this required a double track bridge, the bridge, and then up and down ramps to the main level.

Also there is a coal mine incorporated with its own trackage, this would also require another bridge, and then there is a loop on the main level connecting everything that needs a bridge.


atlas track

You can see Ken’s Atlas track layout step by step here.

Paul expands his Atlas model railroad

“In the accompanying photos you can see the turntable I installed and the matching roundhouse for my Atlas model railroad. It necessitated cutting into my workshop wall so that it would fit in the proper location relative to the turntable.


atlas turntable

You can see all of Paul’s layout pics here.

Bruce’s Atlas layout:

“The layout is “L” shaped, with 4 train tracks, and 4 DC controllers.

There are 2 outside long distance tracks for my longer trains, and 2 figure-8 shorter tracks on the inside. Nothing too fancy, as I want to see my trains run.


atlas model railroad N scale

You can see all of Bruce’s pics here.

Brian’s rural Atlas mode railroad – or should that be railway?

“Finally, on the question of HO vs OO scale, which is 1/87th vs 1/76th. I have bought HO track in the US (Atlas) but bought engines and rolling stock from the UK.


atlas track

You can see all of Brian’s pics and excellent narrative here.

Bob’s Atlas model railroad:

“As the saying goes “A layout is never finished.” After all the expansions, work arounds, and problems, I am having problems just running my trains.

So I have decided to scrap it all and start a new layout and this time learn from my mistakes and take my time to do it right.


atlas track plan

You can see the rest of Bob’s pics and narrative here.

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  1. Gary Gissiner says:

    Look like a great layout. Keep us up on your progress.

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