HO train layouts 4×8

HO train layouts 4×8, it’s a popular scale and a popular size.

Here are some of the 4x8s on the blog:

Rich’s 4×8 HO scale

“All the locomotives and rolling stock have been saved. Some of the locos and rolling stock are sixty years old.

All rolling stock is either scratchbuilt or built from LaBelle, Central Valley or old Roundhouse kits. All Locomotives are DCC conversions, some of which are old Mantua kits from the 1960’s.

All of the structures were scratchbuilt, the only purchased items being most of the windows and doors.


HO scale 4x8

You can see all of Rich’s pics for his 4×8 here.

Bill’s 4×8 HO layout

“I am making some progress on my switching layout. More ballast down and more scenery added. Still a longggggg way to go but I think that is what is fun is enjoying the labor of love we each put into our layouts


4x8 ho layout

You can see Bill’s layout from the very start to the ‘end’ right here.

Rick’s 4×8 HO scale:

“As you can see, we’ve been busy adding details to the layout including finding pin-striping that was nearly a spot on match for road dividing lines and parking lot markings.

Someone asked in the previous post about the inclines I used in the layout and in case someone had not answered, they are from Woodland Scenics. While I like to create most of the scenery myself, these precut inclines are too good to pass up.

I also realized a part of this hobby I do not enjoy and that is ballasting switches. It seems no matter how much I brush away the excess, there seems to be a little piece that gets stuck in the switch which the trains do not like!


Rick train layout

You can see all of Rick’s 4×8 HO scale here.

Cal’s 4×8 HO scale railroad

“I designed the track so I can run 2 trains at the same time and I can run a locomotive in the yard all at once. I have a controller with 2 cabs.

I wanted a HO train layout 4×8. I wired the track in blocks. I used one negative feed for the entire layout. Then I used a positive feed from the transformer to the switch then to the track. (Block). That way I have better power for the entire layout and I can switch on and off sections of track when I see an imminent collision getting ready to happen.

I wired the turnout switches the same way and I just used the atlas switches that come with the turnouts.


HO model railroad waterfall

You can see all of Cal’s 4×8 layout here

Mike’s 4×8 dogbone layout

“My new passion is HO scale which I am now invested heavily.

Much more realistic and on the old Lionel tables, these little trains have real room to move.

I also have much more real estate upon which to develop my scenery, and I have decided to recreate movie studio backlots on my train layout.


model train dogbone layout

You can see all of Mike’s 4×8 dogbone layout here.

Jim makes a start on his 4×8

“I built a 10’ X 16’ shed, initially for my grandsons to leave their train layouts set up in, but with plans to eventually “appropriate” some of the floor space for the 4’ X 8’ benchwork of an HO scale layout.

I scoured ebay and local sources for bargains in rolling stock and locomotives.

I decided to start with Bachmann EZ-track because I got a steal on a big lot of new and barely used track at an estate sale.

Last week I finally cleared the decks of other projects and got cracking on the benchwork and layout.


HO track plan

You can see of Jim’s 4×8 pics here.

Bob’s 4×8 layout

“The layout will be mountainous with tunnels and bridges. It is of no particular place only to say that it is a fictitious town in the northern mountains of Pennsylvania USA because we have a cabin there.

The railroad used to run behind our cabin and one could hear the triple diesels coming from a long way off as they pulled a long line of coal cars up the incline.


Bob 4x8 layout

You can see all of Bob’s pics here.

Ron’s wondeful 4×8 layout

“It is a 4X8 built and planned for expansion. I built this with the idea of selling it as my joy is in the building and seeing the finished product.

It is foam over a wood frame and very light weight. The scenery is all hard shell plastercloth, with both molded and sculped rock and features made from light weight Hydrocal.


HO scale 4x8 layout

You can see all of Ron’s 4×8 layout here.

Frank’s wonderful 4×8 HO layout

“This is a 4×8 that has been in the works for 10 or so years, I now have it in a loft that is 16×20.


Frank layout

You can see all of Frank’s pics here.

There are many more 4×8 layouts on the blog, but the only way you can see them all is to jump on the newsletter.

Or perhaps you are just looking for any size HO scale layout?

Here is a whole page of them.

And if there aren’t enough there for you, here’s another whole page of HO scales.

But as I said, there are hundreds on the site, but the only way you can see them all is to jump on to the newsletters.

It’s worth doing because it’s not just folk sharing their layouts, there are lots of tips, tricks and ‘how to’ step by steps.

Here’s one by Arnie on making scenery for your model railroad.

You get the idea. It’s the newsletter where it all happens.



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