Gary’s model railroad journey

Here’s what I love about this hobby: it’s all about going at your own pace and having fun.

Take Gary for example – he’s been kind enough to send in updates along the way of his model railroad journey.

I thought it would fun to make a page of them, so you can see for yourself.

I do really enjoy all of your updates, and judging by the comments at the bottom of each post, so do many others.

1. Gary starts with track work

Model railroad track

It all starts with a track plan…

2. Gary adds a layout signal yard

Here Gary shows us how a little planning can go a long way. Over the years, I’ve noticed all the best layouts of a theme.

3. Gary hits a problem (it’s in the middle of this post).

The wonderful thing about the blog is there are so many nice folk out there who are happy to help. Have a look at the comments and you’ll see all the helpful suggestions to Gary’s dilemma.

4. Gary adds an engine yard

HO scale locomotive yard

Things really start to happen now – it’s all coming together.

5. Gary’s Switch yard

Have a look at Gary’s youtube. I do love seeing how a layout unfolds.

6. Gary adds buildings to his yard.

The layout is really coming to life now with people and buildings.

7. Gary’s layout power problem.

At some point, the power to your layout will drive you mad. It happens to us all, pretty much. But once again, have a look at all the helpful suggestions in the comments.

8. Gary adds to the train track on his layout

9. Gary says thanks for all your help! (It’s in the middle of this one.)

10. Gary sorts his block work

11. Gary’s engine yard

12. Gary’s locomotive engines

13. Gary’s commissary yard

There’s no stopping Gary now! What a layout, and what fun too.

14. Gary’s train layout update

There are hundreds and hundreds of layouts on the blog – I started it in 2011.

All scales are welcome and all comments are too.

I know many of you enjoy the tips, and as you’ll see in your inbox over the next few days, there are lots of those.

We all learn from each other, and every now and then a layout gets sent in that makes everbody go ‘wow!’

But even with the stunning layouts, you’ll see there are pearls of wisdom in the narratives.

Tom’s layout is a really good example of this.

Have a look at his stunning On30 model railroad.

On30 locomotive

But for me, it’s the narrative that makes it. There are decades of experience in those few paragraphs.

Oh! And lastly if you’re looking for the track plans PDF, it’s right here.