Dave changes his incline

Just a quickie today.

Dangerous Dave has been in touch again with another update:

“Hi Al , just loaded this video , showing a change to my incline , instead of 2 sets of points back to back at the top of the incline have now brought one set further round to start the decline …seems to be working good now…also shows how easy to make your hillside with added grass … also I have shown a short demo of the Special Sutton Locomotive Works BR Sulzer
Type 2 Class 24 `s ..with a great sound and all the extra detail added.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – still updated daily.

“I have no budget for the hobby, so I love your trash-to-treasure ideas.

If you use home water filters (Brita style) cut them open for the charcoal – great “coal”)

If you make tea from teabags, dry them after use and save the tea – great “dirt” and ground cover. Coffee grounds work too.

For ballast, buy roofing granules. They come in a 5-gallon pail for about $25, assortment of colors, and you can size them for your scale by sifting through window screen or some other material. I’ve heard concern about iron in the material that could interfere with electronics, but I have not experienced it.


That’s all this time folks. Thanks to Dave and Mike. Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to get off the sidings and get going, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Don’t forget time is nearly up for the ‘Embankment wall’ offer. You can see it here.

18 Responses to Dave changes his incline

  1. John Meehan says:

    Well done Dave! I like it!

  2. Rod Mackay says:

    Could have done with putting a banker spur in at the bottom while you were at it, Dave, quite steep over that last little pitch to the top by the look of it?

  3. Bill Anderson says:

    The sound on your new loco is the best, such a throaty, resonant base!

  4. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    A1 Dave love the locomotive Jimmy edinburgh

  5. Eric says:

    Hi Dave

    I must say the top of the slope seems rather steep from the viewpoint of the camera, but I am surprised you put the grass onto your plaster background without at least putting on a green/grey or brown colour senic paint first, it helps cover the blank spots where your grass is thin.
    Otherwise your layout always looks great.

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  6. BullfrogEH, in Ontario says:

    Thanks again to Dangerous Dave, for showing us ‘how easy’ it is to modify portions of any model railway. Experience pays big dividends in attitudes to mods; but, I personally find sharing these ‘hands on’ experiences extremely encouraging. Thanks D. Dave !
    – (another) dave, in Ontario

  7. David Hannan says:

    Very good video Dave! You mentioned “running in” your new loco. What does that involve? I am a novice!

  8. Leslie Ames says:

    Thank you …I loved watching that video…..thanks

  9. Don Field says:

    How long in real time to build the new incline & landscape? Incredable results. Just glad I’m not in the maintenance track gang tasked with keeping the plant growth under control on the right-of-way, so real it makes me tired just thinking about it.

  10. christine says:

    Dave: What would you do if some day you moved?

  11. Ian Mc Donald says:

    just great to see a master at work the new train sounds and looks great.

  12. d j howarth says:

    Thanks all for comments ..if I moved it would be in a wooden box so think the layout would be past my caring ..LOL ..the remark about painting first ..I did say I had run out of dark green , it may not have showed but I did paint a very light green
    poor workmanship not making sure I had the paint first ..as for how long did it take ..maybe 4 hours total ..did a bit each day then waiting for glues , paint etc to dry , I shall show with a rake of coaches being hauled next time to show its no problem the height of the incline …Thanks again for comments ..Dangerous dave

  13. David Hannan says:

    I am about to purchase my first new locomotive. Can anyone explain how I should “run it in” please. Dangerous Dave mentioned it in one of his videos but I am not sure what this involves? Many thanks for such an informative blog!

  14. Dave ALWAYS seems to have the kooolest layout and ideas of anyone…
    keep ’em runnin fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  15. Ross Johnston says:

    Thanks DD for your excellent video on your changes and your new loco. Cheers Rossco Adelaide South Australia

  16. d j howarth says:

    Just to answer that question on how to run in a Loco and what does it mean …all new Loco`s should be run solo for 30 minutes each way before adding any coaches or wagons and putting any strain on the motor ..Dangerous Dave

  17. Milton says:

    I am blown away with that puffer bottle. How can I obtain one? I have multiple inclines and hillsides on my layout…..(903) 6258648

  18. d j howarth says:

    903 6258648 the puffer bottle are sold via Gaugemaster ..or just go online and search …scenics puffer bottles …Dave

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