John’s layout scenery update

“Hi Al, I want to tell you about a rack I made to reduce neck strain while working on couplers and upside down ho engines. Can you help with that?

Tricky Dick”


And now on to John – who’s been busy with the latest print out scenery.

He’s made a little scene and ‘how to’ video from the latest prints (which are now in the store).

The latest prints consist of 4 roads, 4 pavements and 4 tarmac tracks – giving you a limitless combination for your layout. In fact, it’s only limited by your imagination.

John kindly put the below together just to give you an idea of what you can come up with. Here it is:



Just like every building in the store, it’s all made from print outs. Here’s his video. Hope it makes you smile as much as I did.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

The prints for the roads and pavements that John was using are in the store already – but I’ve got a special offer for you.

Until Sunday night, I’m bundling this fantastic green house with the roads and pavements, for free:


So if you’d like this fantastic house, as well as the roads and pavements, all for just $9.97 please click here to buy, or the button below.


(The house sells for $9.97 on its own, so it’s a great saving).

But remember – only until Sunday night.

I hope you enjoyed John’s delivery as much as I did, he always manages to make me chuckle. He also does a great job with all the scenery – sometimes it’s hard to believe everythign in the store is made from print out scenery (you just download it, print it out and stick it together).

That’s all this time folks.

Please do keep ’em coming. And if it’s made you want to get off the armchair and start on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



10 Responses to John’s layout scenery update

  1. Ben Hawkins says:

    Can you show some O Gauge Lay outs, Scenery & Houses, Plus the Trains

  2. David Pearsall says:

    These buildings are for what gauge railroad? I run an “o” gauge

  3. Victor says:

    What are all the prints glued on to? Cardstock?

  4. great stuff about detailed scenery!!!’
    and soo easy to download and printout
    cheapazz prices too…thanks Al
    and Ben…ALL the printout stuff has several %’s that make different gauges!!
    keep ’em runnin’ fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  5. john mace says:

    I to model in o gauge and would love to be able to obtain print outs in my gauge,
    no one seems to cater very much in O any more but there seems to be plenty of people modelling in this scale.I am now 86 and love to watch your videos and how tos Kind Regards. John Mace

  6. Michael Wilcox says:

    Lost in transit from you to me – Details about ‘Tricky Dick’s’ rack. A photo and no text.
    Thank you

  7. NJ Mark says:

    John, Thanks again for another entertaining and enthusiastic tutorial. I must say that I used the phrase “bits and bobs” more and more.. It sounds a little funny coming from a guy who lives in New Jersey, USA.

    Cheers! NJ Mark

  8. Steve Hudacko says:

    John. You are amazing. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I have tried your technique on some of Al’s building and they look better than I imagine. I model in O gauge and I see some of you seem to have problems making these building printout work. You have to print them out on the biggest paper your printer has. Then I scale a door opening and see how much I have to enlarge the printout. I had to cut out different parts of the building so I could enlarge it with my printer/copy machine. I use a lot more paper but it works well. You just have to play with it. You can printed out a sheet at HO scale and take it to a Staples store and have them enlarge it but that will cost you. I have made a few of Al’s buildings and they look good and the price is right. I will have to send some pictures in.
    Steve from Toms River

  9. Thomas Murphy says:

    John is the perfect host with his bit of wit and plenty of know-how. I always learn from his never boring videos as I chuckle about his comments. John has my heart-felt thanks. Thank you Al for permitting me to view John’s works of art.
    Forever an appreciative fan, Tom, U.S.A.

  10. Mark Johnson says:

    Would be perfect if it came with some corners as well. Straight roads and square junctions probably work well in the US, what with it’s town/city grid system. Sadly we don’t have that over here. I notice it’s a left-hand drive road as well. If anybody is wondering how to make it suitable for right-hand drive, use a photo editor to flip the image before you print it, et voila.

    Mark J

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