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There’s something about Leo’s layout that catches the eye:

Leo treats us to more pics of his layout.

John’s engine shed video has helped a lot of folk with the print out scenery:

Fred’s tips and John’s engine shed ‘how to’. (the vid is at the bottom.)

Here’s what model railroading is all about:

An amazing layout – but the back story behind it is heart warming.

Frank only sent in small pics, but wow, what a layout:

Frank’s layout has to be seen to be believed.

Frank then gave us an update with bigger pics:

More from Frank

The thing I love most about the site is the tips:

More stuff that perhaps you wouldn’t think of.

Barry was one of the first to be featured on the site, and it’s easy to see why…

Just love Barry’s work. It has bags of character.

This one speaks for itself:

Eighty years old and one of the best layouts I’ve laid eyes on. Really.

Take a look at the Gavin’s landscaping:

A beautiful rural themed layout.

There are pages and pages of tips on the site:

More useful and money saving ideas.

Well, you get the idea. There are hundredss and hundreds of posts on the site – but the only way to see them all is to hop on to the newsletter

Adding sound to your layout… with your phone?

Wiring is easy when you’re an electrician.

Peter’s N Gauge

More model train tips

Model skills aren’t just for layouts

Take a look at Brian’s layout

Robert’s saw mill layout

Just a wonderful layout

Tony’s toothpick bridge

Patrick’s layout

Alan’s layout

There are hundreds and hundreds of posts on the site – this is just a handful. But don’t forget, the only way you can see them all is by jumping on the newsletter.