My 4th July silly sale


Love your site and all the tips that your readers come up with.

Here is one of my own.

I built a power supply for my layout out of a discarded computer power supply.

It has 12volt, 5 volt, and 3 volt connections.

12v for incandescent lights, 5v for led lighting and 3v for other lighting( I have a tree in the town square that has a very small light string taken from a battery operated unit )
Also has a USB for charging a phone which I use to control the DCC / JMRI hookup for my trains.


“Hi Al,

I have not been able to work on my (read Grandson’s) layout for about 3 years now since the wife got ill. What I was playing with at the time it was mothballed was sound using my LapTop and the sound on the trains. This was my first (and only) attempt. (yes I know there are more door slams than doors on the train, but hey ! )

Once I can get back to working on it I want to get some sounds going for my underground trains ……. train coming into station, doors opening, ambient noises like old time guard shouting ‘Mind the dooooorrrs !’ etc


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

I know there isn’t much to John’s video but after doing this blog for so many years, two things struck me. Layouts can be put on hold for years – that’s life. You just have to keep going.

And secondly, it always amazes me how much a little bit of sound can transform a layout. I think John’s little vid shows that in spades.

Now on to my silly sale.

Other sites seem to have a sale every two days or so. Not me. In fact, the last one I had, was last year.

So when they come along I want you to know they really are the real deal.

And this one is my best one yet, by a long stretch.

Not only is the Beginner’s Guide the lowest price it’s ever been, I’m also throwing in these 3 brand new prints, totally free. Like all the buildings, you just download them, print them out and stick them together:




And here’s John talking you through them in his own unique style:

And I’m also throwing in nearly 3 hours of exclusive, railroad how-to video content, all recorded by another John (the genius who builds all the model boats and subs). Here’s a sneak preview of one of the videos:

Just so you know, they are all unlisted videos on youtube (meaning they are hidden to public viewing)

These videos are in the store for $7 – but free with the Beginner’s Guide right now.

It’s my biggest sale ever.

You get three free scenery print outs worth $9.97 (have a look, they are in the store).

And you get nearly three hours of step by step layout instruction from John – these which normally sell at $7.

And the Beginner’s Guide is knocked down to $19 from $27.

So right now you are saving $25 – and of course, you get everything that comes with the Beginner’s Guide normally.

Of course, I’m biased, but it’s a silly deal.

You might be thinking, “Where’s the catch?”.

Of course there’s a catch: offer ends 5th July! Then the free prints will be gone. So will the videos. And the Beginner’s Guide price goes back up to $27.

So grab it here now before it all disappears like a shadow in the night.



PS Please don’t hang about offer ends 5th July…

You can grab it here, right now.

PPS I should also tell you, in the next few days, there will be a new Hall of Fame member. Who will it be? You’ll have to wait and see.

7 Responses to My 4th July silly sale

  1. Alan McTavish says:

    Hi Al,
    Love the site and all of the information there. I wonder if there could be more British buildings in the store? Modelling Southern BR doesn’t lend itself to the US type of buildings that you have on sale.
    The current sale is for American style shacks (complete with the flag) which are not suitable for us Brits ;o)
    Best wishes,

    Alan …

  2. Bruce says:

    Al, I have internet limits. If I purchase your Guide with extras, as described, can I down load and save all? Then I could call up view videos and other material several times without having to access the internet.
    Thank you for having and continuing to provide your site with all the info and views of all the great layouts by others.

  3. Al says:

    Yes, you can download all.

  4. Stan Roelker says:

    That John is one hell of an entertainer! …….”the wife snoring away upstairs…” very cute…………love that accent of his………

  5. Pete Evangel says:

    Bob. How did you step down the voltage to use for such low voltage stuff? I am what you would call “electronically challenged”!

    From the greater Silicon Valley, Calif area.

  6. Brian Staples says:

    The use of a computer power supply for a train layout was brilliant. This is why I love be a part of this site. Hat’s off to all the ideas and talent from everyone.

  7. Bob moore says:

    I have purchased street lights for my village
    The problem is the wires are tiny! For the life of me I can’t strip

    I spent two hours to wire up one light

    Suggestions please

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